About us

Electro Project Bulgaria Ltd. is a company with main activity design and construction of electrical installations. The company offers engineering, including consulting, design, supply and installation of electrical materials. The team of professionals of the company has been working successfully for more than 15 years in the field of electrical engineering and commissioning of electrical systems.Thanks to its long experience, every client who turns to Electro Project Bulgaria Ltd. can count on a fair and reliable partnership, with extensive experience in designing on the part of electrical engineering. The main areas of the company's work are:

  • Design and implementation of electrical installations in residential, administrative, public and industrial buildings;
  • Design and construction of electrical and instrumentation parts of pumping and treatment stations;
  • Design, construction and legalization of external power supply (MV cables, LV cables and transformer substations);
  • Design of street lighting systems;
  • Preparation of projects for reconstruction of LV and MV power lines;
  • Design and construction of photovoltaic plants;

The head office Electro Project Bulgaria Ltd. is located in Bulgaria, Sofia. The company's projects are implemented throughout the country. Testimony to the quality and reliable execution of the company's projects are the references and long-standing partnerships with a number of leading companies, both in Bulgaria and abroad.